I’ve posted about my loathing levels of cone drills plenty of times previously, yet continue to be a staple of local football at all levels and ages even with the mammoth amount of evidence that for skill development and game intelligence, they are simply awful. 4 days ago a study was released on Twitter titled...

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Season 7 has seen over 500mins of review from over 300 game clips and culminates in this 20min review of the Grand Final.

If you watched the game you’ll probably have noticed that both teams opted to defend far stronger then attempting to score and with only 16 players/side on the ground it’s near impossible for 2 top 4 teams to do both at the same time – it’s definitely time to get 18 players per team on the ground so teams can play with more forwards once they go forward with speed.

With 16 players you have to go fast to less forwards or slow to more defenders, both options don’t really favor the ability to develop scoring opportunities, especially between the best teams in the comp which are always low scoring unless it’s a total blow out.

All that said it was still a tense and engaging contest going right up until the final seconds of the last quarter.

Video x 20mins.


  • Davidson Leading Patterns
  • Brisbane Not Taking and then Taking the Switch Option
  • Taylor Harris Set Shot Technique
  • Grider Leaves Harris Alone in the Goal Square